Easy Money $avings Challenge!


Hello Beauty Pies!

Guess what?!!  It’s Money Mayweather.  Naaaah, it’s just Me.  But I am challenging you all to make 2016 your time start making your Money work for you!

I have always been a Girl with Champagne Taste.  However, being a Single Mother with real life bills and situations causes my budget to usually floats somewhere between tap water and Pink Mascato 😆   Therefore, I am a very crafty Frugalista!

About 3 or 4 years ago a co-worker / friend of mine Roberta Dean introduced me this 52 Week Money ChallengeYou know how much I’m into Girl Power!  and since it’s my desire that all women succeed,  I decided to share this Challenge with you on Women Power Wednesday!

MoneySavings Pig1

Basically how this challenge works is….you start off with $1.00.  Easy enough right!  Well each week you add a dollar. For example: The first week you save $1.00….The second week you save $2.00 (total saved $3.00)…..The third week $3.00 (total saved $6.00)….and so on and so forth, until you get to the 52nd week.  By the time you get to the 52nd week you would have accumulated a whopping $1,378.00!!!!!  That’s enough to pay off a small debt☑, pay a bill, take a vacation✈, buy some hair weave💁…..what ever  your heart desires!😘

So come on Ladies (Men are welcome too)!!!  I challenge you to start saving your coins TODAY!   Click on the link here 👉   MoneyChallenge   for the FREE yes it’s FREE (no gimmicks) Form.  Download it, Email it, Print it, Copy it….whatever floats your boat!  Start the Challenge today, go on facebook, twitter, and Instagram to like, Share, and follow altantago2rose and share your journey, post, and repost! 





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