South Carolina’s Best Kept Secret! Part 1

Hello My Travel Buddies 🛬🛳🛣❤🗽🏝🏕

A lot of Atlanta Natives headed to Savannah GA. over this past weekend for some St. Patty’s Day Fun & Activities 🍀💚But I can assure you that most of  them were not aware of the hidden jewel 💎 just off the Coast of Savannah. A 30 minute Ferry ride away, to be exact! 🚢

This island is not a territory of Georgia. The island is actually a little known island that belongs to South Carolina. While searching for hotels in Savannah GA last year, I actually stumbled upon this jewel by accident and I’m so glad I did!!!!  

Now this is not your typical Tropical Island🏝 get away. This Island is very unique!  Although this 9.61 mile  Island is surrounded by beautiful beaches.  The island reminds you more of a small Country Town👨🏾‍🌾🏡  Full of lots of history and friendly Natives. This is definitely not a place where you would go to party! 🚫 This Island has more of a laid back type feel.  Very relaxing💆🏽….Awesome place to retreat to after a fun and exciting day in Savannah!

For the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you my tips on where to stay…..where to eat…..what to do…..and how to get there!

So as I mentioned earlier, I stumbled across this gold mine of an Island while searching  Hotels in the nearby Savannah GA area, for a Spring Break Trip for my daughter.  While reviewing the Marriott Hotel in Savannah, I noticed that they offered an excursion to a nearby island (NOTE* This excursion is no longer offered by Marriott).

I bet your saying “What is the name of this island already geesh”  I know….I know! Just thought I’d leave you in a little suspense for a while (LOL). Well this Island is called Daufuskie : pronounced Du-Fu-Ski.  reports that the name of the island comes from the Muscogee Language meaning “sharp feather.  However, some of the Natives will tell you that the name means: The First Key.  However the Gullah People (slaves from West Africa) pronounced it “Du Fus Key”  Hence the name Daufuskie.  Who knows 🤷🏽‍♀️  But one piece of History that both the Natives and agree on is the history behind the name Bloody Pointe.  Long story short….There was so much blood from the Native Americans (all who inhabited the island) who were killed in battle on Daufuskie Island that it stained miles of sand and water, hence the name bloody point! Read more about it HERE.








The UGA National Council of Negro Women Annual Hair Show (Novae Terrae)


As Black Women and Women period!  👸🏾👸🏽👸🏻👸🏿❤It is important for us to not only celebrate our own accomplishments,  but it is also very important that we celebrate the accomplishments of others!  Words can not express how proud I am of my daughter’s BFF since kindergarten, Ms. Courtney Blackwell and the NCNW Executive Board Members The annual Hair Show that the these young ladies orchestrated was simply amazing!

This event was held at the University of Georgia’s 🐾 Georgia Museum of Art  and show cased Beautiful  Models of color from different back grounds, cultures, and nationalities.  The event also included Hip Hop Artist (Rob Olu & New Breed Nye), Soul Artist (Trey Wood), as well as Several DJ’s (including the infamous DJ Charles Blackwell).  In addition to the awesome entertainment the very affordable VIP tickets gives you a nice light meal after the show.


The evening began outside on the beautiful Modern Garden Terrace  with Live DJ Entertainment followed by two Metro Atlanta up and coming Hip Hop Artist.  The models not only gave us awesome hair and fashion honey!  These Ladies and Men gave us LIFE 💃🏽with plenty of personality!  The theme gave off a dark vs light / good vs evil type vibe.

The second half of the hair show took place on the inside of the Georgia Museum of Art with a live performance by Trey Wood who gave soothing soul R&B type vibes…and a live DJ (Charles Blackwell). The event ended with a sit down reception that included a light meal, drinks (non alcoholic) and dessert!  Very well put together!

If I would have to give a critique it would be more cupcakes!!!  They ran out and with me being a sweets type of Chic, I was a lil disappointed 😂 LOLOL.  Other than that, this event was New York Fashion Week worthy!  These ladies rocked it out!…..To learn more about the UGA 🐾 Chapter of NCNW CLICK HERE

I also want to make a special mention of all of the Volunteers and Sponsors of this event

…..Oh yeah!  and Super Huge THANKS  for gracing your run way with a necklace piece from my very own hairshow teamblingzz

If you live in the Metro Atlanta area or Athens I would encourage you to either volunteer to your services to help these Young Women of Color in making their next event another success in 2018 or attend the event. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Check out atlantago2rose on Facebook and Instagram for videos of this event.


The History of Black History!❤️⚫️💚

Hello all Gods Children!

I Know it’s been a while since my last post, but hey! I’m a real life working Women and Single Mother. So sometimes real life gets in the way😩

As we come to the end of BLACK HISTORY MONTH❤️….I want to take you back to the beginning!  A lot of us have celebrated BLACK HISTORY MONTH ⚫️ for most of our lives,without knowing or being taught the origin of BLACK HISTORY MONTH💚!  For example: Who created BLACK HISTORY MONTH❤️?  When did it begin? Why is BLACK HISTORY MONTH⚫️ celebrated in February? Is BLACK HISTORY MONTH💚 only celebrated on the United States?

Well my Kings and Queens 👨🏾❤️👸🏾⚫️👧🏽💚👦🏿 …..Knowledge is is Power✊🏾 and I recently read an an article  in Wikipedia that enlightened me on the HISTORY of BLACK HISTORY❤️

Negro History Week (1926)
The precursor to Black History Month was created in 1926 in the United States, when historian Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History announced the second week of February to be “Negro History Week.”[1] This week was chosen because it coincided with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln on February 12 and of Frederick Douglass on February 14, both of which dates Black communities had celebrated together since the late 19th century.[1]

From the event’s initial phase, primary emphasis was placed on encouraging the coordinated teaching of the history of American blacks in the nation’s public schools. The first Negro History Week was met with a lukewarm response, gaining the cooperation of the Departments of Education of the states of North Carolina, Delaware, and West Virginia as well as the city school administrations of Baltimore and Washington, D.C..[4] Despite this far from universal acceptance, the event was regarded by Woodson as “one of the most fortunate steps ever taken by the Association,” and plans for a repeat of the event on an annual basis continued apace.

The expansion of Black History Week to Black History Month was first proposed by the leaders of the Black United Students at Kent State University in February 1969. The first celebration of the Black History Month took place at Kent State one year later, in February 1970.

In 1976 as part of the United States Bicentennial, the informal expansion of Negro History Week to Black History Month was officially recognized by the U.S. government. President Gerald Ford spoke in regards to this, urging Americans to “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.

To learn more about the HISTORY❤️ of BLACK HISTORY⚫️ and the other Countries who also celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH💚 Click HERE

Easy Money $avings Challenge!


Hello Beauty Pies!

Guess what?!!  It’s Money Mayweather.  Naaaah, it’s just Me.  But I am challenging you all to make 2016 your time start making your Money work for you!

I have always been a Girl with Champagne Taste.  However, being a Single Mother with real life bills and situations causes my budget to usually floats somewhere between tap water and Pink Mascato 😆   Therefore, I am a very crafty Frugalista!

About 3 or 4 years ago a co-worker / friend of mine Roberta Dean introduced me this 52 Week Money ChallengeYou know how much I’m into Girl Power!  and since it’s my desire that all women succeed,  I decided to share this Challenge with you on Women Power Wednesday!

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Spring Break 2016/ African American Guide to Savannah

African American Guide to Savannah

My daughter  and I are very passionate about our African American History. Savannah is the perfect city to explore our Southern African American Roots because Savannah is home to several Monuments and Tours dedicated to African American History.

One of my favorite Tours was the First African Baptist Church (Stop # 2 on the Old Town Savannah Trolley Tours).  Where we paid a small Tour Fee of $7.00 for adults ($6.00 for Students)  . If you watch The Real House Wives of Atlanta this is the church on a past Season that the ladies visited and Portia Stewart questioned was a real live train ran under the church LOL and SMH!  This church was the very first church built by and established by Slaves in the United States of America.  This church played a very important part in the ” Underground Railroad, as they would provide a safe haven for slaves looking to get to the river to head north and obtain there freedom!  Our Guides walk you through the church showing you the original pews built by the slaves,  allowing you to see the floors that the slaves hid under and used to crawled their way to freedom, and giving you the history of the churches founders and Pastors. This church was also home to the very first Credit Union for African American Parishioners and became the home to many Civil Rights Meetings.  The Church still holds regular Sunday Services at 9am and 10am. The churches current Pastor is Thurmond Neil Tillman.  I highly recommend this tour.  It left my daughter in I in tears.  BTW:  They no longer allow pictures in the inside of the Church due to past Visitors taking pictures and selling them on post cards



My daughter Diamond at the First African Baptist Church in Savannah



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Spring Break / The Best of the New Old South!


City Market  (Trolley Stop #2)

I’m originally from Florida, so we have traveled to Florida on Vacation a million times! Therefore, needless to say my Daughter is burned out on Disney and Universal Studios!  So last year, for my  Daughter’s Senior Year in High School she asked to go somewhere different, other than the usual Spring Break Spot of Panama City Beach (PCB).

So in true Go 2 Rose  fashion, I began to look for somewhere different to Vacation.  I came across the Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans, which turned out to be an awesome experience!!  This year is my daughter’s first year in College (Spelman) and for her Winter Break we traveled down to Miami, FL.  For Spring Break we wanted to do something different, so we headed down to Savannah GA for a truly different and unique experience!

 March is a great time to visit Savannah because Savannah holds one of the largest  St.Patrick’s Day  Celebrations in the Country and they start celebrating about 2 weeks in advance! They even turn all of there fountains in the  city green!!  How cool is that?

                     💚💚The fountains were turned Green to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day💚💚

So the first stop on our Trolley Route that we decided to get off on was City Market.  This is a very diverse and unique  little area of Savannah that is home to a mixture of historical monuments, family owned restaurants, shopping boutiques, and modern and hip bars. 

My daughter and I spent a lot of time in City Market.  We stopped for some sweet treats and ice cream at the Savannah Candy Kitchen; where they make The Best Ever!!! Pralines and Taffy and hand out FREE samples!  This little Candy Shop also has a quaint little ice cream parlor where we enjoyed classic flavors of ice cream (Savannah Food Review Coming Soon)

We walked through the City Market square taking in the historical monument sites such as the Haitian Monument for Haitian Slaves who fought in the American Revolution. We made our way across the street to the First African Baptist Church. (as seen on RHOA) Where we paid a small Tour Fee of $7.00 for adults ($6.00 for Students)  The Tour Guides walk you through the church while giving you the historical facts of how this church was the very first African American Church in the United States.  How this church was built by slaves, was apart of the underground railroad system to help assist slaves to there freedom, and how the church later became an important meeting place for Civil Rights activist.(African American Guide to Savannah Coming Soon).  We made our way around several little shops and stopped by  Byrd’s Famous Cookies (Where they also give away FREE samples) on our way back to our Trolley Stop.

Now we did take another trip back to City Market the night before we left to go back to Atlanta. The night time is just as eclectic as the day time with everyone from Families with Kids, SCAD Students, 30’s and 40’s crowds, as well as plenty of Senior Citizens.  However the night Crowd was much larger and the streets were much busier!!  For example the Pizza Shop had a very small steady flow of Customers during the mid-day.  However, the line and wait for tables were very long on Saturday night.  We had to wait a good 45 min to get our take out slices of Pizza!  (Savannah Food Review Coming Soon)  The streets lit up with Bars on wheels,  green neon glow in the dark necklaces, and were lined with Green TuTu wearing young women and men everywhere!  Very fun atmosphere I must say!!🎆🎆🎆



Trolley Stop 2 City Market



Delicious Sweet Treats at the Savannah Candy Kitchen😋



Monument of Haitian Slaves who fought in the American Revolution



Fun Activities to enjoy in Savannah!


First African American Church Established in North America


Part 1 Spring Break 2K16

The Best of the New Old South!!

Keep calm and Trolley on!




Hello Love Muffins!

So this year is my daughter’s first Spring Break from College and I was lucky enough to have her still want to vacation with me (-:

My daughter is very passionate about our African American Culture and History, so I searched for something that we could do to not only have fun but to also pay homage to our History.  I found the perfect place right here in Georgia!  Savannah that is!

This City has everything in my opinion!  Southern Charm, Eclectic, Full of history, and surrounded by gorgeous views of water!

There was sooo much to do and see in Savanah that I couldn’t fit it all in just One Post!  So starting today.  I will be posting a series of Me and my  Daughters adventures of the New Old South!!

So lets begin!  My very 1st recommendation is to schedule a Trolley!  Savanah has very narrow streets, lots of traffic, and scarce parking! So getting around by car near some of the main points of interest can be a night mare!

 We scheduled with Old Time Trolley Tours. This Trolley Company has the option of choosing an All Day Tour Regular Price $32.00 per person (on sale now for $28.80 and 12.50 per Child  (on sale now for 11.25).  Along with several other Tour options such as Night Haunted Tours…. boohaha!

Savannah Haunted Lady

In my opinion its worth every penny! I ordered my tickets online at ….printed them out,  parked my car FREE at the Welcome Center (located  at the 234 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd), and Hopped on a trolley, that has 16 stops around the City of Savannah.  The stops are near Historical Sites, Parks, Restaurants, and several Hotels.  The tour is guided and comes with a pamphlet to advise of which stops to get off on, for a particular attraction or restaurants.  The Trolley runs every 15 minutes so you can get off and do what ever you would like to do at one stop and then get back on the trolley and head to another stop. This made getting around Savanah very easy!

Although I feel like Old Time Trolley Tours was an excellent choice for me and my daughter.  While on the First  African Baptiste Church Tour, another Tourist advised us that there is another Trolley Company called Oglethorpe Grayline.  This Trolley Company is a little less expensive for there On and Off Tours at $25.00 per person.  Plus Oglethorpe Grayline Tours offer a free service that allows you to call them to find out the exact time of the next Trolley at your pick up stop!  I think that I’m going to try them out on my next visit to Savannah!  You can research them at





VH1 Reality Star Althea “Thi Thi’ Heart’s Controversy….is her art imitating life?

Hello Dolls and Divas

Let me start off by saying that I’m not a music expert and I’m not in the music industry.  However, music is a huge part of the Atlanta culture and since I am an Atlanta Lifestyle Blogger who loves and knows good music; that certainly qualifies me to give a Music Review.

I was recently invited out to the Cirque Daiquiri Bar and Grill to Althea “Thi Thi” Heart’s Listening Party for her upcoming album titled “Controversy”.  Althea is the Fiance’ and soon to be “Baby Muva” of  Hip Hop Mogul  and VH1 Reality Star Benzino.  A very beautiful and pregnant Althea, attended this event with a stunning Backless Black Dress that complimented her figure very well, even with the Baby Bump!  The Event was hosted by Benzino, who mingled with the crowd, as his fiance’ kept seated in the VIP section with frequent visits to her table by numerous Media Outlets and Celebrities showing their Support.

In attendance at the listening party were VIP guest: atlantago2rose (Rose Bracy), Debra Antney, Bonecrusher, Hurricane Chris, Big Kap, celebrity recording artist Suga Shane and Coo Coo Cal, Fleet DJ Coalition, Dave Mays (the creator of the Source Magazine & Co-Founder of Hip Hop Weekly), Representatives of the famous beer label Anheuser Bush, music executive Orville Hall, celebrity photographer Lorenzo Smith, and a host of celebrated media personalities such as Shannon James of Comcast’s Channel 28.

Althea’s Listening Party was sponsored by Armadale Vodka, Lime-a-rita, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, and AMS Music Entertainment. This event was coordinated by Dave Mays and Kay Harris (Publicist / Media Correspondent of Hip Hop Weekly).

Okay, so now for what you’re really waiting on…..was the Album really good or naw?  The vocals are okay.  I wouldn’t say that Althea has a Power House voice (no shade).   But I will say this, Althea definitely holds her own and the Album is Dope!!!!!  From the first song all the way to the last!!!! Althea’s Controversy Album has a more Hip Hop type flavor, with a few R&B Classic Remixes.  The album includes guest artist such as Remy Ma and OJ the Juice Man.  According to Benzino, He and Althea are waiting on the perfect timing to release the Album.  Both Althea and Benzino admit that opening a new restaurant (Benzino’s Crab Trap), completing an album (Controversy), and expecting a new baby, all that the same time can be quite hectic.  However, ensures that this is just the beginning of great things to come from the talented Artist and Mother to be.

VH1’s Christina Johnson’s Amazing Me, Amazing Life Overnight Retreat

Hello Dolls and Divas!

I am super excited and so grateful to announce that atlantago2rose will be a media guest and will be a sponsor of such a Positive Girl Power Event!!! On October 03,2015 Christina Johnson of the VH1 Hit TV Series “Atlanta Exes”  will introduce BFLY Coaching with her Amazing Me, Amazing Life Overnight Retreat “Getaway”. This retreat will be an exclusive live event and will give women a chance to be person to person with Christina and other TV Personalities. This “getaway” is perfect for young ladies looking to learn life’s secrets to have an amazing life. This is an event that you don’t want to miss!!   RSVP now at and atlantago2rose will be in attendance!!! and atlantago2rose will be in attendance!!!