South Carolina’s Best Kept Secret! Part 1

Hello My Travel Buddies 🛬🛳🛣❤🗽🏝🏕

A lot of Atlanta Natives headed to Savannah GA. over this past weekend for some St. Patty’s Day Fun & Activities 🍀💚But I can assure you that most of  them were not aware of the hidden jewel 💎 just off the Coast of Savannah. A 30 minute Ferry ride away, to be exact! 🚢

This island is not a territory of Georgia. The island is actually a little known island that belongs to South Carolina. While searching for hotels in Savannah GA last year, I actually stumbled upon this jewel by accident and I’m so glad I did!!!!  

Now this is not your typical Tropical Island🏝 get away. This Island is very unique!  Although this 9.61 mile  Island is surrounded by beautiful beaches.  The island reminds you more of a small Country Town👨🏾‍🌾🏡  Full of lots of history and friendly Natives. This is definitely not a place where you would go to party! 🚫 This Island has more of a laid back type feel.  Very relaxing💆🏽….Awesome place to retreat to after a fun and exciting day in Savannah!

For the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you my tips on where to stay…..where to eat…..what to do…..and how to get there!

So as I mentioned earlier, I stumbled across this gold mine of an Island while searching  Hotels in the nearby Savannah GA area, for a Spring Break Trip for my daughter.  While reviewing the Marriott Hotel in Savannah, I noticed that they offered an excursion to a nearby island (NOTE* This excursion is no longer offered by Marriott).

I bet your saying “What is the name of this island already geesh”  I know….I know! Just thought I’d leave you in a little suspense for a while (LOL). Well this Island is called Daufuskie : pronounced Du-Fu-Ski.  reports that the name of the island comes from the Muscogee Language meaning “sharp feather.  However, some of the Natives will tell you that the name means: The First Key.  However the Gullah People (slaves from West Africa) pronounced it “Du Fus Key”  Hence the name Daufuskie.  Who knows 🤷🏽‍♀️  But one piece of History that both the Natives and agree on is the history behind the name Bloody Pointe.  Long story short….There was so much blood from the Native Americans (all who inhabited the island) who were killed in battle on Daufuskie Island that it stained miles of sand and water, hence the name bloody point! Read more about it HERE.








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