Natural Hair ** Products that really work!

Hello Dolls and Divas! 

I like to call myself an Unnatural / Natural Hair type of Girl.  Cause under this Blonde Straight Weave…..

natural weave 2

…….is this Natural Tight Curly Hair that I’m always threatening to cut off!


Okay, so I actually purchased the Optimum Amla Legend 10-N-1 Silky Blow Out Elixir / Heat Defense (long name IKR) as a heat defense for my Hair Weave.  Well, this product should be renamed and re-packaged because it actually “Sucks” as a blow out Elixir and Heat Defense!  But determined not to waist my money; I decided to do a Rose’s Re-mix and try it on my natural hair.  I sprayed my freshly washed and conditioned hair with S Curl No Drip Curl Activator & Moisturizer.  Yes I said it!  S Curl! Curl Juice!  “just let your soul glow” Old School!  But it works much better than most of the New Natural Hair Products on the Market!  I then sprayed  squirts of the Optimum  Amla into my hands and rubbed it onto my hair from root to tip! This combo made my hair sooo soft and  manageable!!!!  This is truly a must have!


Optimum Amla Legend Silky Blow out Elixir

Optimum Amla Legend Silky Blow out Elixer

Optimum Amla Legend Silky Blow out Elixir


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