Rose’s Obsessions / Neiman Marcus

Hello Dolls & Divas!

Sooooo  my #1 Obsession is Neiman Marcus (NM)!  My sister introduced me to this fancy Atlanta Department Store waaaay back in the 90’s while I was a Poor College Student.  We visited NM during the Holiday Season and that’s when I became completely obsessed with the Neiman Marcus Liquor Cakes!  These super moist Minuature bundt cakes are a peice of Heaven in Atlanta!  AND even better!  The NM Associate advised my Sister and I to come back the day after Christmas when everything would be 1/2 off!  Great for a College Poor College Student!!!  Well now I am the Mother of a Soon To Be Poor College Student and I still visit Neiman Marcus every Christmas Season (day after Christmas of course) to purchase my Neiman Marcus Liquor Cakes. These Cakes come in an assortment of Rich Flavors such as Chocolate Champagne, Lemon Vodka, Vanilla Rum, Irish Wiskey, and more...

Go2Girl Tip: The Company that actually bakes these delicious cakes for Neiman Marcus is the Yahoo Baking Company out of Texas.  You can order Sweet Treats Direct from Yahoo Baking Company at

Neiman Marcus Liquor Cakes

Neiman Marcus assorted Liquor Cakes available in stores during the Holiday Season

…..You may also Purchase similar Liquor Cakes  on discount throughout the year at Neiman Marcus’s Last Call.

Neiman Marcus Cordial Cakes

Neiman Marcus Cordial Cakes available at Neiman Marcus Last Call


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