The UGA National Council of Negro Women Annual Hair Show (Novae Terrae)


As Black Women and Women period!  👸🏾👸🏽👸🏻👸🏿❤It is important for us to not only celebrate our own accomplishments,  but it is also very important that we celebrate the accomplishments of others!  Words can not express how proud I am of my daughter’s BFF since kindergarten, Ms. Courtney Blackwell and the NCNW Executive Board Members The annual Hair Show that the these young ladies orchestrated was simply amazing!

This event was held at the University of Georgia’s 🐾 Georgia Museum of Art  and show cased Beautiful  Models of color from different back grounds, cultures, and nationalities.  The event also included Hip Hop Artist (Rob Olu & New Breed Nye), Soul Artist (Trey Wood), as well as Several DJ’s (including the infamous DJ Charles Blackwell).  In addition to the awesome entertainment the very affordable VIP tickets gives you a nice light meal after the show.


The evening began outside on the beautiful Modern Garden Terrace  with Live DJ Entertainment followed by two Metro Atlanta up and coming Hip Hop Artist.  The models not only gave us awesome hair and fashion honey!  These Ladies and Men gave us LIFE 💃🏽with plenty of personality!  The theme gave off a dark vs light / good vs evil type vibe.

The second half of the hair show took place on the inside of the Georgia Museum of Art with a live performance by Trey Wood who gave soothing soul R&B type vibes…and a live DJ (Charles Blackwell). The event ended with a sit down reception that included a light meal, drinks (non alcoholic) and dessert!  Very well put together!

If I would have to give a critique it would be more cupcakes!!!  They ran out and with me being a sweets type of Chic, I was a lil disappointed 😂 LOLOL.  Other than that, this event was New York Fashion Week worthy!  These ladies rocked it out!…..To learn more about the UGA 🐾 Chapter of NCNW CLICK HERE

I also want to make a special mention of all of the Volunteers and Sponsors of this event

…..Oh yeah!  and Super Huge THANKS  for gracing your run way with a necklace piece from my very own hairshow teamblingzz

If you live in the Metro Atlanta area or Athens I would encourage you to either volunteer to your services to help these Young Women of Color in making their next event another success in 2018 or attend the event. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Check out atlantago2rose on Facebook and Instagram for videos of this event.



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