Part 2 of Spring Break 2K15 -New Orleans-Explore the Gulf Coast

Explore the Gulf Coast! Biloxi Mississippi / New Orleans,

I’m originally from Florida, so we have traveled to Florida on Vacation a million times! Therefore, needless to say my Daughter is burned out on Disney and Universal Studios!  This is my  Daughter’s Senior Year in High School and she is asking to go somewhere different, other than the usual Spring Break Spot of Panama City Beach (PCB).

So in true Go 2 Rose  fashion, I began to look for somewhere different to Vacation.  I came across the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I know what your thinking “Mississippi?”  “Vacation, New Orleans Spring Break?” I was thinking the same thing!!! However, I was pleasantly surprised.  The Missisppi Gulf Coast is lined with beautiful White Sandy Beaches and Biloxi is like a mini Vegas and April is a great time to Visit New Orleans because the French Quarters Festival was held on the 2nd week of April this year!   Great Place to Vacation!!!  

So I’ll final stop on Spring Vacation is New Orleans Beeeeby!!! We  stayed at the Sheraton Hotel in Metairie, just outside of New Orleans.  This Hotel is not as Fancy Smancy as the Golden Nugget, but that okay because most of our time in New Orleans was spent outside the Hotel!  This Hotel is very clean and quiet but the parking Deck is a complete nightmare!  Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to Atlanta Go 2 Rose!

I’m Rose!  Most of my Friends refer to me as the GO TO GIRL!  Why is that?  You might ask.  Well here goes….

I Have always been a Girl with Champagne Taste. However, being a Single Mother with real life bills and situations causes my budget to usually float somewhere between tap water and Pink Moscato. Therefore, I am a very crafty Target Shopping Frugalista who also loves All things Neiman Marcus!!

I am a self proclaimed Greedy Girlso I love to try different / unique foods,  Which means that, you can find me anywhere from the Sundial in Atlanta to Ms. Willie Mae’s Scotch House in New Orleans! BTW I love concocting quick and easy recipes and you are more than welcome to be my GuineaPig  Girl.  I would love for you to try them out, love them, and share them with the world!

I love to travel and  I love even more to share my fun with Family and Friends. And don’t worry I’m always giving tips on where to stay and what to do!

I am super nosy or as I like to say “Know-See” and my Daughter  always refers to me as the friend of the Famous friend, because I always know someone who knows some Celebrity…So I know a little Celebrity Gossip  -wink,wink-

I am so grateful to be able to share my journeys, my travels, and my life with you.  Hope you enjoy the ride and pick up a few beauty tips on the way!!!